Maturing as a Brand. Growing as a Leader

When I started EVLV, it was to bridge the gap between the focus on wellness, mindset, physical and mental health that I had been so razor focused on.

EVLV to me represented, at its inception, the marriage of fitness and fashion. Looking at where we are today, it’s so much more. I am so proud of the EVLV team. What started as a one person operation (me :) has grown to include technical, operations, customer service and finance teams.

We fulfill orders to over 26 countries. I think a surprising fact about just how global EVLV has grown is that we shipped a Storm collection order to a customer in Greenland. Yes..Greenland!

I’ve grown as a person since EVLV started. My business acumen has matured, but so has my outlook on design. I see EVLV now as being the intersection between fashion, form, functionality and fitness.

I want EVLV to represent the seamless transition that we live in everyday. From our homes, to our work, with our friends and family, to the gym and on the running trail. There is less seperation between what we do and when.

There is more integration in our work, family, fitness and fun times. It’s through this lens that I am designing today. Fungible clothes that look and feel good anywhere. EVLV hit this on the head with STORM and I am so excited to be progressing through the design phase for our next collection.

EVLV also has a mission statement to empower people around the world. We are planning some innovative ways to use our reach, brand and people to uplift and improve the lives of people around the world.

I can’t wait to share this with you in the coming months. Change is constant. Movement is medicine. Pursue progress, everyday. Evolve.

Heba Ali


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